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1583 Anniston Short Sale sold

Wed, Sep 12, 2012 at 2:05PM

I have spoken about short sales before, but this Bank of America one was different. It was called a Co- Op sale. The bank did all of their home work before and then called me to list the property.  So Randy and I just needed a good offer to make his nightmare go away. We got a offer pretty soon after, but the buyer had issues with her credit. I'm not sure why some agents waste their time with out pre-qualifying people first. it saves everyone(agents, sellers, banks) so much time and frustration. The bank appraised the house and the offer amount was good enough for the bank. The seller was over joyed to know that I negotiated with the bank so he didn't a tax deficiency or have to pay any money back to the bank. As a matter of fact I got him a little moving out money!

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