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Condo or Single Family Home?

When buying real estate in the Greater Daytona Beach area, you must determine whether you would rather own a home or own a condo. Both have benefits and depending on the needs of a home buyer will determine whether single family home or condo will be the suitable housing option for you.

Buying A Condo
Condos offer maintenance free living on the outside that is. The Condo Association maintains the exterior of the building as well as common areas.

Maintenance fees are charged on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Condos offers amenities such as water included, cable, parking, guard, business center, pool, tennis courts are just a few. Each development is different.

There are rules and regulations that must be followed.

Some restrictions can be rental restrictions, a limit on pets, motorcycle and boats are sometimes not permitted to be parked at a condominium.

Views such as the beach, river, preserves, golf courses, downtown.

Buying A House
Not only do you own a home but you own the land. You cut the grass, maintain the landscaping.

A house is not attached to a condo. A house offers more space.

You can usually paint the home the colors you choose unless it is against the homeowners association rules(if applicable) or city ordinance.

When buying a home you can add an addition or spare room.

Usually, there are no pet restrictions on size or types unless restrictions apply to homeowners insurance.