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Daytona Beach Commercial Real Estate | Commercial Real Estate For Sale

The Greater Daytona Beach area is a perfect location to open a business and buy or lease commercial real estate.  Chances are as a small business owner or a large corporation you may not be an expert when it comes to buying or selling the commercial real estate.  Keep in mind the most successful businesses who buy and sell commercial real estate knowledge to hire experts, that's right a team of experts.  Most business owners with good sense and a business savvy, know they will in fact need:

  • A real estate agent who knows the inventory understands the concept of buying and selling the commercial real estate and a strong negotiator.
  • A lawyer to help negotiate contracts and protect your interest at heart, who can draw up documents and stand by you every step of the way.
  • An accountant who can assist with their knowledge of tax benefits and benefits to your company.
  • A Mortgage Broker who can get the job done in financing your purchase.

Remember not all business need to buy commercial real estate as there are also benefits to leasing, but if you are considering buying Daytona Beach commercial real estate think about these things first:

  • Location, Location, Location - this never changes in any type of real estate you purchase. Depending on the type of business you are running will help to determine which Daytona Beach location is right for you!
  • Growth - With laws, regulations and city ordinances allow you to grow. Let's face it every business owner often looks ahead to future and potential growth in the business they are running.
  • Allowable Use - As stated above city ordinances, county ordinances and local laws play a huge role in what type of commercial real estate you should purchase or lease for your Daytona Beach business. 

Daytona Beach Commercial Real Estate For Sale or Lease

As a Daytona Beach REALTOR who has successfully listed and sold commercial real estate I have found that savvy business owners who have utilized the expertise of a REALTOR have found a home for their business. One thing is certain, buying or leasing the wrong piece of the commercial real estate can be costly and can cause a business to fail.  Strong words, simply the truth.  If you do not know local zoning, city ordinances, and state laws it would be wise to hire professionals that do.  If you are thinking of relocating or are experiencing growth the time might be right to buy or lease commercial real estate in Daytona Beach. Contact me, I'll give you my honest evaluation, my success relies on yours!