Carlos Ring
Ormond Beach Real Estate

Are you considering a home purchase in Ormond Beach? Look no further because the Ormond Beach area is the place for you. Ormond Beach was established in the 1880s and is known for its rich history. Located just a little bit north of the Daytona Beach area, Ormond Beach has plenty of things to do and places to go. It has plenty of places to shop like the neighborhood Farmer’s Market and many shopping centers.

Ormond Beach has a plethora of activities, events, organizations, and festivities. Ormond Beach also has other fun things to enjoy like movie theaters, trolley rides, the Granada Pier- great for fishing, and let’s not forget the Ormond Beach Shores. Are you a huge history buff or enjoy culture?

Ormond takes great pride in its many historical sites, among which is the world’s oldest oak tree. Ormond is also home to wonderful Tomoka State Park. The Park includes hiking, camping, canoeing and more.

Ormond Beach is stunning and a wonderful place to live. With a home in Ormond Beach, every day is sure to be paradise. If you are interested in buying Ormond Beach real estate, please contact us.