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Are you looking for a relaxing and charming area? If so Ponce Inlet is what you’re looking for. This little town is wonderful for everyone, and there are many fun things to do around town. It’s just a little bit south of Daytona Beach and a great area to live filled with sand, sun, and fun! Not only will you enjoy the beach but you'll be close to the Halifax River. The views here are great! Swimming is even better! Ponce Inlet Florida offers a laid-back lifestyle and is truly a Florida tropical paradise. Many of the homes in Ponce Inlet are there own tropical paradise due to the natural habitat and the lush landscaping. You'll find a variety of homes, mansions, estates, beach bungalows and Ponce Inlet Condos for Sale.

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People come all over the world to see the amazing 175 foot tall bright red lighthouse. It is truly a breathtaking sight to see. The lighthouse also has a museum that you can visit. Just down the street, you’ll find the Ponce Inlet Jetty. The Ponce Inlet Jetty is a very popular pier, national state park, beach, and fishing area. People who travel to Daytona Beach stop at this Ponce Inlet landmark and enjoy some of the outdoor activities. There are great Parks And Recreation too for everyone to enjoy and they are all free.



If you are into marine biology, or just want to enjoy the experience, there is a Marine Science center located in Ponce Inlet as well. When its time for the sea turtles to hatch you can bet Ponce Inlet residents get involved.

Inlet Harbour Seafood Restaurant in Ponce Inlet Florida

Ponce Inlet's favorite restaurant The Inlet Harbor which is a quaint seafood restaurant and is visited by both local residents and tourists.

The Inlet Harbor is known for its delectable seafood and people from all over Volusia County experience fine dining and breath taking views. While Ponce Inlet is a small town, it has much to offer. If you are looking to unwind, why not try owning property in sunny Ponce Inlet? Ponce Inlet offers a variety of real estate mansions on the beach, beach bungalows and quaint cottages and condos. If you are looking to make a move, Ponce Inlet may be exactly what you are looking for in regards to community and homes.

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