Carlos Ring
The Importance of Timelines

As a home buyer you'll find that throughout a real estate transaction, you'll have to follow timelines once you place an offer. Not only is important to follow the timelines that you should think about.

As a home buyer, you yourself should think about when you want to move, the timeline in which you will have to move. It is best to not consider buying a short sale if you need to move quickly.

If you have a lease, read through the lease, there is a chance if you are buying a home there is a clause to get out of your lease. READ your lease!

You may have to wait to buy if you are in a lease and can be penalized for breaking the lease which may cost you additional money.

Did you know when you place an offer on a property for sale that there is a specific timeline in which the seller will get back to let you know when they accept your offer, reject your offer or want to negotiate?

Once under contract, you have timelines for deposits, loan approval, inspections, title, and closing. It requires a lot of cooperation and teamwork!

Timing is everything in life and by following timelines on all accounts in real estate, you'll find that buying a home in the Greater Daytona Beach area can be less stressful, smoother and a truly enjoyable experience. Isn't that what it is supposed to be? An exciting and new chapter in someone's life!

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