Carlos Ring
Attention Daytona Beach Home Buyers - Explore Neighborhoods Before Buying

Many times home buyers consider buying before they know anything about a neighborhood or city.  This happens often with relocation home buyers who do not know the Greater Daytona Beach area.  For those considering a specific neighborhood because they heard it was a great place to live should check out the neighborhood and take a few things into consideration before jumping in and buying a home in unfamiliar territory.

  • Don't assume that because someone else likes the neighborhood you should pick up and move your family there.  Drive the neighborhood and see the community.
  • Drive the neighborhood a few times on different days and times.  You'll get to see the activity and what goes on in the neighborhood. 
  • Check out the schools if they are important to you as well as community events and things the neighborhood offers to you and your family.
  • If you are considering a neighborhood consider the distance from work, schools, and businesses and make sure the drive is acceptable to you.
  • If you work out of the area, consider a neighborhood close to I-4 or I-95 for easy access and a shorter drive.

These are just a few tips to find the right neighborhood in the Greater Daytona Beach area.  For more information about neighborhoods in specific cities, check out communities and the neighborhood pages right here.  Still not sure, call Carlos Ring!  Carlos is quite familiar with the neighborhoods in the Greater Daytona Beach area.