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Buying A Home Still Makes Sense

Wed, Aug 10, 2011 at 9:40AM

The downgrade of the United States credit rating has caused stir and alarm, real estate buyers who put themselves in a holding pattern until good news surfaces may miss out on some great buys in Daytona Beach real estate. Media is known to put the fear into people and for a few years we have watched it with the housing market, mortgages and now the stock market. Traditionally when the stock market goes array, investors put their money into real estate. Yesterday the stock market improved, lets see what today brings.  Some may consider real estate volatile but its nothing compared to the stock market. 

Tax Savings When Buying A Daytona Beach Home - Tax Write Offs

Current economic conditions nationwide are different compared to previous years, but the fact remains, in the long run real estate can be a great investment especially if you are searching for a home to live in especially if you are relocating and want to buy a home. Buying a home makes more sense than renting a property. When you think of the benefits of buying a home, there are many tax savings and benefits in the long run.

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In the Greater Daytona Beach area, home prices have never been better. Where else can you buy luxury real estate and at a fraction of the cost compared to other Coastal area properties? Areas throughout Florida offer these types of properties in the multi-million dollar price range and yes we have multi-million dollar properties for sale but we also have waterfront homes and luxury condos at very affordable prices.

Here is the point I would like to make, if you were thinking of buying a home in Daytona Beach and stopped dead in your tracks due to news media, financial reports and the stock market, I understand your concern but lets face it real estate prices are great in Daytona Beach. The investment opportunities may offer stability compared to other fluctuating investment markets and the media has played a huge role in putting the fear into consumers which brings many various financial markets at a stand still.

For some home buyers who miss out on great deals in Daytona Beach they end up kicking themselves or have regrets down the road. Either they waited and missed their opportunity or are still waiting for the right time to buy a home due to news media and speculation. There are many opportunities to purchase properties at a fraction of the cost compared to various parts of Florida.

Carlos Ring - Daytona Beach REALTOR - Daytona Beach Real Estate Consultant

Don't think of me as just a Daytona Beach REALTOR instead a real estate consultant who can assist in helping decide if buying a home right now makes sense for you. Ask me about tax advantages of buying a home or the great investment opportunities in the Greater Daytona Beach area. I'll never steer you wrong, never tell you just what you want to hear!  

View waterfront properties in the Greater Daytona Beach area down below, if you have any questions, it would be my pleasure to assist you with Daytona Beach real estate.  

Have a home to sell?  Call Me!  I'd love to help.  

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