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Daytona Beach Area Shortsales

Daytona Beach area shortsales are not for the faint at heart.  Here are tips and advice for both buyers and sellers that will be helpful in a successful closing.  Patience, skill and an understanding is what is needed in handling short sales today.

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As a shortsale specialist, I have taken additional training and have listed and sold many shortsales in the Greater Daytona Beach area. Not only do I assist sellers in selling their shortsale property but I have helped many to purchase a shortsale too!

For Daytona Beach Area Home Sellers

There are options available today if your are currently behind on your mortgage.

  • Refinance - chances are it might be a difficult time to refinance your home meaning that the loan process has changed and guidelines have become tougher.  If you are behind there is a chance you won't be able to qualify. It's important to work with a reputable lender and not somone who offers false hope and promises.
  • Loan Modification - Banks seem to be taking a very long time to make up their mind in helping homeowners who are trying to obtain a loan modification.  Remember while waiting, if you are not making your payments there is a chance the mortgage company is still working towards foreclosing on your home. 
  • Sell your home as a shortsale -Be very careful in who you allow to market your home, its important that the person you hire has experience in selling a shortsale property.  Ask questions and get the facts!  There is more to selling a shortsale besides marketing, its understanding the process and timelines and having established relationships with banks, lenders and mortgage companies to complete a successful sale.

For Daytona Beach Area Home Buyers

  • Shortsales require patience, if you need to move in the next month or so I recommend that you look at other homes.  Each bank has their own timelines and methods in which they handle a shortsale.  Some shortsales have taken as long as a year to close.
  • Shortsales are generally sold in as-is condition and a home inspection is very important.  While some shortsales can be bought today in mint condition others may be falling apart.  It's important to consider the cost of repairs when buying a shortsale in Daytona  Beach.
  • Shortsales require additional paperwork and documentation.  The language in contracts, addendums might be very different in what is normally customary when buying real estate.  Make sure you understand what you are signing and agree too!  

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As you can see there is a lot involved with buying and selling shortsales.  Make sure and hire an expert, contact Carlos today!  View shortsales now for sale!