Carlos Ring
Carlos Ring | 2009 Top Producer of Exit Realty of Daytona | 2009 Rising Star Award Winner

While some might view Carlos new to real estate he's a veteran based on the number of successful closed real estate transactions for 2009.  Not only was the top producer for Exit Realty of Daytona but took home the honors as Rising Star.  You may not know this but Exit Realty Corp. has extremely high standards and criteria in order to win one or any of the prestigious awards given out annually to real estate agents across North America.

Carlos Ring Exit Realty Corp Rising Star of 2009 | Carlos Ring of Exit Realty of Daytona. Top Producer of 2009

Not only did Carlos Ring achieve Top Producer for his entire office but also achieved The Rising Star award.  Carlos continually reinvents himself with utilizing the best marketing tools for his customers, education to better serve buyers and sellers and implements systems to make every real estate transaction flow smoothly. 

Carlos offers professional real estate services and really values his customers. Without his customers, Carlos Ring would have never achieved these prestigious awards from Exit Realty Corp.  If you would like to experience world-class service contact Carlos today.

World Class Customer Service | Daytona Beach Award Winner Carlos Ring | Carlos Ring Successful Real Estate Agent

If you are a real estate agent reading this and are interested in hanging your license with any Exit office in North America or are considering it contact Carlos and he will share with you how he became so successful so quickly.  Carlos would be happy to share the Exit Realty Formula of success.  Feel free to contact Carlos via email, by phone or stop by our convenient location.  If you are looking for income years after you quit selling real estate or are thinking of your future retirement contact Carlos today. 

Join Exit Realty of Daytona | Retire With Residual Income | Contact Carlos Ring  Exit Realty of Daytona

EXIT Realty is growing across North America and provides sales associates with the opportunity to earn residual income over and above their own transactions and an enhanced retirement and beneficiary benefit; all of which have been unheard of in the real estate industry until now.