Carlos Ring
Is It A Good Time To Sell?

Selling your property during these current economic times competing with bank owned homes, short sale properties and REOs can be extremely challenging especially if you are counting on your profits to move into another home.  If you have a mortgage and need to sell,  face it current economic times have impacted you! Here are a few tips to give you a better shot at selling your home.

  • Take a look at your financial situation for starters and find out what you need to net to relocate and vacate the property.  Knowing this will determine whether selling your fair market value property makes sense.
  • Interview REALTORS | real estate agents.  *Piece of advice, hire a REALTOR so that your property will be placed in the multiple listing service and marketed to other real estate agents in the area.
  • Hire an experienced REALTOR or real estate agent, someone that markets your property full time. 
  • Ask your agent for a list of repairs that truly will affect the net.  A good agent will walk your home like a potential buyer and professional REALTOR.
  • Consider curb appeal and cleaning up the clutter.
  • Consider hosting an open house
  • Preview your competition before putting your house on the market
  • Cooperate
  • Be honest and forthright, there is a solution to every challenge.
  • Consider buyer's incentives, credits or holding a mortgage.

Selling a fair market value property in today's market can be challenging but it doesn't have to be.  Experience Carlos Ring's real estate services and find out why Exit Realty Corp. named him Regional Shining Star for 2010.  BTW if you are facing foreclosure, contact me, I'll share with you the options that are available to you!