Carlos Ring

JB's Fish Camp has it all

Tue, Aug 27, 2013 at 9:05AM

So this past Sunday we decided to do something different. I took the family to JB's Fish  Camp in New Smyrna Beach. There you can rent kayaks and explore the river. So me and two kids in one and my wife and daughter in the other we set off.  We went to a small cove near by and to our surprise found over 10 manatee's. They are friendly docile creatures. They would come right up to the canoe. It was a little scary at first. One splashed my daughter as it dove back under with it's tail. The kids had a blast. On the way back, some dolphins swam right by us!  Back at JB's you can get some great seafood, burgers and other goodies. Grad a cold drink and walk out on the dock.  The National Park is just a few hundred feet from there also.

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