Carlos Ring

Keep Your Eye on The Prize!

Mon, Jul 12, 2010 at 8:00AM

With reports of tough economic times and world events. Its very easy to get caught up in the doom and gloom in the world. As a Daytona Beach REALTOR and working with homeowners everyday I hear stories that could bring the most positive person down. I never let it get me down and keep my eye on the prize.

My focus is assisting as many Daytona Beach area buyers and sellers on their mission that is to either buy or sell real estate. Often times delays, challenges in a real estate transaction cause a lot of stress and I have found that stress gets in the way of accomplishing what people set out to do. So how do we face these challenges head on and keep our focus?

  • Always working in the best interest of the customer!
  • Regardless of how much work is required I know that at the end a customer will either have sold a home or bought one and I will be conpensated and a sense of accomplishment and appreciation will the be end result!
  • When its time to work, I work hard but I do not forget about my family or enjoying my life. Balance
  • Continually educate myself in real estate and find ways to stay inspired. It's pretty easy when I am privileged enough to work for great company and have the best buyers and sellers to work with and I live the very best life that I can.
  • I watch limited T. V. and partake in the world
  • Too much news can make anyone lose their motivation.
  • Connect with like mind individuals, upbeat, hardworking and successful!
  • Give a little free time to charity
  • Ride my harley!

These are a few things I do to continue with real estate success, what do you do to keep yourself inspired! One thing is certain, it's important to keep your eye on the prize!

Working at Exit Realty of Daytona makes these things very simple and a standard way to practice real estate. Looking to make a change? Contact me, I'm Carlos Ring and I admit I love selling real estate at Exit Realty of Daytona.  




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