Carlos Ring

All Childrens Park Port Orange

Thu, Apr 12, 2012 at 9:30AM

There is a great little park on Spruce Creek Road called All Childrens Park. I take my two kids there once a week to play, run and explore nature. This park was recently torn down and rebuilt. The added some great wood carvings. The one 20 foot pirate welcomes you,with his ship split into two pieces. We sometimes refer to it as the pirate park.  There are slides, swings,rock wall, bars to climb,tire swing,nature walk, and hills to run up and down.  Beside the park is a great dog park. It has 2 areas depending on your dog size. The best part is the ice cream store across the street after the park.  Take a hour out of your day and visit this great place your tax dollars paid for.


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