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Driving on Daytona Beach

Wed, Oct 12, 2011 at 12:25PM

People have been driving on the beaches of Daytona pretty much since there were cars. The hard packed sand creates a perfect beach that not only lets you enjoy fun in the sun but is also a great place to take a nice drive. But, like anything else it’s important to be safe and responsible. Remember there are other people on the beach.

There are also parts of the beach that are off limits to cars. The beach has access points for automobiles and the toll is 5.00 dollars per day or seasonal passes for 20.00 dollars. These can be purchased at the beach access points. As you drive onto the beach you will see posts and signs telling you where you can and cannot drive.

The beach has three different zones. Driving and parking are allowed 15 feet seaward in Urban areas, usually by hotels and condos. Transitional zones allows driving and parking 30 feet seaward on the dunes. And the Natural zones are off limits to driving and parking. This is because of the habitat and heavy sea turtle nesting spots. The beach is open November 1- April 30 from sunrise to sunset and from May 1- October 31 from 8 am to 7 pm.  Pay attention to tides as well as to what beach patrol says, otherwise you might be caught on the beach or get stuck in the sand. 

You'll find areas on Daytona Beach that are no drive zones, many parts of the beach allow luxury condo owners as well as luxury home owners in Daytona Beach to enjoy their waterfront view.  Interested in buying a luxury home on the beach or a condo with fabulous amenities, call Carlos Ring of Exit Realty of Daytona

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