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Home Sellers - Safety and Selling Your Home

Mon, May 09, 2011 at 11:35AM

Many Daytona Beach area home sellers rely on their real estate agents for important information on properly marketing their homes, whether to consider homestaging or making repairs.  One thing that is important is to consider the safety required in placing their home on the market and selling their home

Don't assume everyone walking through your door is a criminal but never assume they are not.  It's always smart to take extra precautions when selling your home because people will be walking through your home, whom you never met and most you will never see again.  Here are a few useful tips in taking safety precautions when selling your Daytona Beach area home.

  • Pre-qualify buyers, that means if your home is too big or too small or it does not meet the home buyers criteria chances are they will not walk through your home.  Knowing if a buyer can qualify for a mortgage is extremely helpful and can elimate the lookers, those who want a sneak peak and any that might have the intent to steal. 
  • Hire a REALTOR first and foremost, REALTORS provide protection and know the common mishaps that occur when placing a property on the market.
  • Request an electronic lock box.  These devices will register who is in the property and gives the date and time in which they entered the home. 
  • If you and your agent agree to use a standard combination lock box, place it somewhere other than the front door.  Change the combination and only share this info with fellow REALTORS who want to see the home.
  • Stash all of your valuables either in a safety deposit box or somewhere that is not accessible to people walking through your home. 
  • Never ever let someone driving by enter your home unless you are expecting them.  That means if a neighbor knocks on the door and wants to see your home either have them contact their REALTOR or yours! 
  • Open Houses, its so important to place your valuables somewhere else that is not easy to access and find.  Multiple people may be walking through the home, its important to register each and every person that walks in. 


These are just a few things to consider when selling your home.  When selling Daytona Beach area homes I try to put myself in the sellers shoes and do my very best as a REALTOR to provide not only value and success but also protection.  For a no obligation market evaluation, top notch marketing and the best brand behind your property, contact me, Carlos Ring today! BTW I also list and sell homes in Port Orange, Ponce Inlet, Daytona Beach, Daytona Beach Shores and South Daytona.  I also specialize in assisting home owners with short sales. All calls and inquiries are confidential.

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